Saidie Award

Saidie Lifetime Achievement Award

Each year, the Tulsa Chapter of AWC honors a woman with the Saidie Lifetime Achievement Award. The Saidie Award winner is presented at the annual Newsmaker Award Luncheon, a prominent event for the Tulsa metropolitan community. The Saidie Award is named in honor of the first recipient of the award, Saidie Adwon, a pioneer in television, and the first woman general manager of an Oklahoma television station.

The Saidie Award Recipient must have made significant contributions to Oklahoma during her career in the communications field. She must be philosophically compatible with the goals of AWC. She does not have to be an Oklahoma resident at the time of receiving the award.

Congratulations to our 2018 Saidie Award Winner Carole Lambert!

Check out KTUL Channel 8's special tribute to Carole that aired on May 1, 2018.

Past Saidie Award Recipients

Teresa Miller-2017
Becky Dixon – 2016
Connie Cronley – 2015
Janet Pearson – 2014
Lee Clark Johns – 2013
Ruth Richards – 2012
Missy Kruse – 2011
Glenda Silvey – 2009
Helen Jo Hardwick – 2008
Judy Randle – 2007
Danna Sue Walker – 2006
Cecille Bales – 2005
Dr. Francine Ringold – 2004
Joan Hoar – 2003
Joyce Sequichie Hifler – 2002
Marjorie Bowers Paxson – 2001
Susanne Holloway – 2000
Phyllis Radcliffe – 1999
Wilma Mankiller – 1998
Pat Atkinson – 1997
Betty Boyd – 1996
Saidie Adwon – 1995